How Acucoin’s Value Increases?

The value of Acucoin increases in 3 main ways.
1.Home Delivery System.
2.Tie up Shop System.
3.Shopping Cart System..

What is the digital currency of Acumens. ?

Acumens digital currency is an online form of preference share issued by a public limited company. Acumens are the digital currency with all kinds of characteristics and a legal value of a preference share.


This currency is able to increase in value with the growth of the company. It can be transacted in digital form in a matter of seconds.

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Privilege card members bring the items they order to their home using the delivery charge, and deliver the proceeds and gifts. This helps to increase the number of customers and increase business. The company spends 10% of the profits from the home delivery system to Acucoin. This helps to increase the value of Acucoin.


Acucoin is an innovative & a new kind of money.

Acumens Digital Currency (Digital Money, Electronic Money or Electronic Currency) is a currency available digitally. (As an equivalent to the current paper currencies)

Acumens Digital Currency, has properties similar to paper currencies. Acumens Digital Currency, is instantaneously transactable and easily amenable to limitless transfer.

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